Bucket List Categories

When you look at the categories I have for my bucket list, excluding health, they all are based around a common theme. Exploration. This can be exploring my own identity (education); exploring the world (travel); exploring knowledge (education)… The point, everything is about expanding my horizons or my health. As such, I am now one […]

Why a bucket list?

Growing up I always had this dream, desire, or goal of living on a large plot of land where you cannot see your neighbors and on a night with a new moon have minimal light pollution. e.g. live in the middle of nowhere. I accomplished this dream by living for two years near Big South […]

Photo Import Process

Goal of the process is a quick sort of the images, to sort the wheat from the chaff. I am not after the perfect image at this stage, just to prune it down to something manageable. After reading way too many blogs, and then trying a few dozen solutions in both Aperture and Lightroom I […]

Photo Software Setup

Software Adobe Lightroom 5 Jeffrey’s “Folder Publisher” Lightroom Plugin WordPress Bash shell scripts Setup notes Using Google Drive (cheapest cloud replication storage) create a new “Pictures” directory withe following sub-directories: Export: Images are exported from Lightroom using the publish plugin to two master sub albums. Sorted and Rejected. These directories are then copied to the […]

Aperture Export Scripts

Here are two scripts I developed to export my photo library from Aperture. One exports jpeg images using a predefined setting, the second exports everything as masters. Feel free to modify, and change. All the usual disclaimers apply. No warranty, as is… blah blah. Oh for license, there is none. Do with it as you […]

Random Camera Notes

Camera Equipment (so far): Canon 6D Sigma 35mm Prime Lens Sigma 70-200 Telephoto Lens Camera Notes: Raw images only (Lightroom converts to jpeg better then the built in camera processor, and I need to do this after image tweaks). GPS Enabled WiFi Off Set to multi shot mode. When taking pictures of kids, you never […]