Adjustment Brush – First Attempt

In the following two images show the before and after of my first semi-successfull attempt at post processing fixing of an image. The original image was underexposed on the ground and over exposed for the sky. To create the final image the final formula for me was the following (and no, I am not going to document how many and what false paths I tried before I ended up with the following solutions):

  • Increase the exposure across the whole image until the foreground had the requisite details.
  • Created three adjustment brush zones. First was the sky, second was the treeline, third was the grass/trees in the foreground.
  • For the sky, I reduced the exposure significantly, increased the saturation (increases the blue), reduced the clarity (blurs the image and loses the noise in the image by washing out some details).
  • For the middle treeline, I reduced the exposure some, reduced the clarity a little. The goal is to provide a nice visual and natural break between the vibrant blue sky and the green foreground without a harsh clash of shadows or edges
  • For the foreground, I increased the vibrancy a little to make the green pop, and punched up the clarity to make as many details as possible stand out.

OLD-2013-05-27 20.41.07-2

OLD-2013-05-27 20.41.07

One of the lessons learned was that it is better to overexpose the sky more, and have less under exposure of of the darker areas. It is easier to correct for the over exposure and lose less information/detail in the sky then try and recover the shadows/darker areas.

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