Ballroom Dancing

Back at the start of September I signed up with Portsmouth Ballroom Dance Studio. I have now completed about seven classes and about five or six social dance events (mostly for beginners). It is a lot of fun, it also is funny how bad at it I am. Trying to put together a half dozen […]

Bucket List Categories

When you look at the categories I have for my bucket list, excluding health, they all are based around a common theme. Exploration. This can be exploring my own identity (education); exploring the world (travel); exploring knowledge (education)… The point, everything is about expanding my horizons or my health. As such, I am now one […]

Why a bucket list?

Growing up I always had this dream, desire, or goal of living on a large plot of land where you cannot see your neighbors and on a night with a new moon have minimal light pollution. e.g. live in the middle of nowhere. I accomplished this dream by living for two years near Big South […]