Images sorted

Last night I finished the rough sorting all the images Dionne and I took over the years. The process started in Apple Aperture two years ago; I have worked on it sporadically over the two years with mixed success.

When I was about 95% done with the sorting; Apple announced it was ending Aperture. So I then spent a month moving my photo library to Adobe Lightroom; which added a fun wrinkle. But now I am happy I made the switch.

Anyway, a few numbers:

  1. Started with a little over 20K images
  2. I deleted about 4K just plain bad images which could not be rescued and there was a better image of the same scene/people.
  3. Out of the remaining 16K images I picked about 4K broken down by year and event as the ones I liked.

Now, to maintain the photo library and learn how to do more with the camera. 😀
The images are now being uploaded on my website and should all be up there in a day or two.

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