Photo Import Process

Goal of the process is a quick sort of the images, to sort the wheat from the chaff. I am not after the perfect image at this stage, just to prune it down to something manageable.

After reading way too many blogs, and then trying a few dozen solutions in both Aperture and Lightroom I came to a conclusion. I needed a quick and easy process, which needs to accommodate my paranoia about somehow deleting that special picture. As a result, I have settled on the following:

  • Start Lightroom, then insert the SD Card
  • Select “Tim’s Preset” on the bottom right
    • Copy as DNG
    • Destination: Set to Images-Pending
    • Select make s second copy. Set to raw-images
    • Set Meta Data Applied on Import to “TMS 2014” (inserts my contact, website and other basic data)
    • Select into Sub Folders by Date
  • Switch to the Library module, select the Images-Pending folder on the left
  • Switch the view to Loupe. Now use the left/right arrows to move between images and use the following rules:
    • When looking at single scene, pick one image to represent it.
    • When doing a review of a scene with many borderline images; use “Auto Tone” on the Tone Control for each image. The White balance presets can also help tweak the images just enough to pick one.
    • Pick one to represent the scene and hit the number “2”. This represents 2 stars. Never spend more then 5 seconds picking between two images (Follow you instincts)
    • If there are other pictures which might be a contender or that I want to come back too, hit number 1
    • If the image should never be published, select the red color for it.
    • If the image is really bad; e.g. completely out of focus. Hit “X”. This will reject the photo.
    • If needed use “command [” and “command ]” to rotate left or right as needed.
  • Select delete rejected images.
  • Now sort the photos into final folders. Year, followed by event. Large or long running events tend to get sub folders. e.g. Christmas usually gets folders for the runup (tree trimming), then for each location visited… Simple events, such as a multiple weekends to Auburn get a folder per season.

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