Radial and Graduated Filters — First Attempt

I used two graduated filters to change the exposure and tints. For the sky, I had a graduated filter at a slight angle from the top left down through the picture; for this filter I decreased the exposure to darken the sky and lowered the color temp to make the blue pop out more. For the foreground, I added a second graduated filter across the bottom where I increased the exposure so you can see some of the details, with a very minor increase in tint to warm the grass and related colors.
For the trees and the school building I created three radial filters with an inverted mask. In each I adjusted the exposure, one was pinned to the center of the tree at a slight angle to make the it look like there was some interesting light hitting the tree, a second was over the school so it does not appear as a black blob, and the last was the houses and cars in the middle distance on the left. Again, just a very light touch on the exposure to make more details available.



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